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Solar Wall Lights

Solar wall lights are the best choice for accessorizing your home, garden or for providing safety. Hang our solar wall lights next to your entrance, above your stairs or on your garden fence. Illuminate your mailbox or your home address with renewable solar power!

Even though the solar cell on the wall lights is strong enough to obtain the charge on a cloudy day, try to choose the sunniest location for your solar light fixtures to get the most benefit from the sun. The charge will last over 8 hours. All outdoor solar light models turn on and off automatically detecting the sunlight deficiency, so you don't have to think about it every night. There is no wiring for installation! Check out our Solar Calculator for your energy bill savings.

Replace your existing electrical garden lights with solar lights! We've selected the best collection of solar wall lights for you and have tested them ourselves. Need more ideas for your Garden Lights installation? Check out our Solar Garden link.

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