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Made in the USA, the ELF solar/human powered trike.

Conceived by former sports-car designer Rob Cotter, and built right here in Durham, NC, the ELF features an electric assist motor; a durable, highly visible outer shell to protect you from the elements, and a sizable cargo compartment capable of holding eight grocery bags. (It is said to carry a total payload of 350lb.) The pure electric battery range is 14+ miles, and that can easily be extended the more you choose to pedal/coast. And the battery will recharge in about 7 hours if left in direct sunlight, or 1.5 hours if plugged into an outlet. Its makers claim it gets the energy equivalent of 1,800mpg. (Courtesy of Sami Grover at





Flexible/Rollable Solar Panel.

5 to 20 watts: flexible solar panels are crafted using a film of silicon crystals on a flexible plastic backing, making it possible for the solar panel to roll up so that it is easily portable.  Most other solar panels cannot do this.  These solar panels are durable, light, and because of the ease with which they roll up, very transportable.



How are Solar Panels Made?  Discover the Process of Making a Solar Panel.

Making solar panels is a delicate process, and it is for this reason that major solar advances did not come into play until the latter-most quarter of the last century, when advances in semiconductors and photovoltaic design allowed increasingly efficient and affordable solar cells to be developed.



Plant Care Tips : Using Stone Solar Spot Light for Garden Area.

Solar lighting for a garden area is ideal because it doesn't use electricity and is very simple to install.  Help a garden grow with sun and solar energy with tips from a gardening specialist in this video on plant and flower care.



Solar Billboard Light System.

The Solar Billboard Light System is a complete solar powered billboard lighting system that is designed to deliver the best illumination to your sign facings at the best possible cost and efficiency.  This system eliminates the expensive overhead costs of lighting billboard facings with traditional lighting kits.  There are no charges for grid-connections, trenching, or monthly electric bills.