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Saving Our Planet

All Solar Products purchased on Your Solar Link website help to improve our environment by planting trees.  
It is not a secret why planting more trees is important for the local and global environment.  Trees produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air.  
But did you also know that planting trees have many other social, economic, and environmental benefits?

Let’s look closely at the environmental benefits of tree planting campaigns.



Trees act as natural air filters and improve air quality by trapping CO2 from the atmosphere and giving us oxygen, and by reducing ozone levels in busy urban areas.  Trees also act as natural land erosion shields, by storing water and breaking the impact of rain as it falls.  Strategically planted, trees greatly reduce noise pollution, consequently improving living conditions in developments around major freeways.  
One of the primary environmental benefits of trees and shrubbery is their reduction of the urban heat island effect and overall improvement of a city’s micro-climate.  Read more on this subject on EPA website.

Trees help to save energy.  What exactly does this mean?

The American Public Power Association states: "Landscaping can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50 percent, by shading the windows and walls of a home."   We all know the benefits of having a tree next to your home on hot summer days.  
Did you also know that in the winter, trees and shrubs act as windbreaks for your home, thus keeping warm air in and helping you to save on your heating expenses?



Trees, especially planted in urban areas, have exceptionally important social and economic benefits.

Trees make our communities more attractive and comfortable.  Numerous studies have proven that trees have a direct impact on the positive mental state and overall physical health of humans.  
Children with ADHD are calmer, more responsive, and better able to concentrate when they are in a space with many trees.  Read more here: A Potential Natural Treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Evidence From a National Study.  
People who recuperate after a serious injury or disease prove to heal faster with lasting effects in green environments.  
Studies in Environment and Human Behavior show that there is a direct connection between low crime percentages in green neighborhoods!   Read more on Environment and Crime in the Inner City.
Green properties are more attractive to potential buyers and neighbors.  It is a well known fact that trees significantly increase your property value.

Planting trees is really one of the best things you can do to help facilitate healthy environments and green urbanization.

The great thing is that now in addition to planting trees in your own yard, you also can get involved in the tree planting and maintenance process through Your Solar Link Tree Planting Contribution Program.  
Not only will your Solar Purchase directly contribute to sustaining an eco-friendly environment through the use of green energy products, it will also plant a tree!

Why we care.

The Arctic is warming up faster than any other region.  Because it plays a vital role in stabilizing global temperature, the effects of warming in this key region of the earth will be felt worldwide.  Temperature changes in this region have been on an incline at twice the pace as the rest of the globe over the past 50 years, according to a 2004 study assessing climate change in the Arctic.  Land-based ice such as glaciers, ice sheets, permafrost and floating ice are vanishing.  The thawing has profound ramifications for the rest of the world.



Does saving the planet sound like an overwhelmingly difficult task to manage?  Perhaps.  But each of us has the opportunity to start to make a difference by making choices today that will minimize the negative impact on the planet.

There are many ways we as individuals can move into the future and assure that we are making that difference for the planet.
Things such as purchasing products that are made of sustainable materials which are less toxic to the environment and have an overall longer usage life are simple ways that we as consumers can do our part for our planet.  Learn about more things you can do at to make a difference.

Other ways that we can help our ecosystem called Earth is to design our spaces passively.
What does this mean?
To design a passive system means to create a space that uses little or no external factors (electricity/gas, burned fuel, air conditioners/heaters, etc.) to adjust for things such as room temperature, the transmission of natural light into a room and naturally heating water for daily needs.  Using less of a resource is also an easily achievable way of reducing our carbon footprint on the Earth.  Conscious effort applied to the things that are within our control and influence as individuals, families and communities is the cornerstone of global progress.  Learn more about passive house design on



Light and subsequently solar energy is literally all around us.  It is a free and clean (zero emissions) way to produce energy for our everyday needs.
Currently, solar panels are capable of producing electricity that can power things such as houses and commercial buildings down to garden lighting and water fountains.  The initial costs of a solar panel system are slightly higher than conventional means of electricity generation, but the long term benefits and costs of solar energy outweigh those of fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources.  Wind energy and geothermal sources are also clean energy technologies that will pave the way along with solar energy into tomorrow’s electricity generation.

YourSolarLink was created in an effort to provide affordable energy saving solutions for home owners and ecology conscious people.  As a team of energy and environmental design professionals, we are committed to bringing the best available solar products on the market to your home or business.  WIth all our collective individual contributions, we can start to make a positive impact on the global crisis that we are currently facing to create a healthier and more sustainable planet for the future of our children and all future generations.