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Advantages Of Solar Energy

  • Solar Energy is one of the renewable energy sources and is there every day, unlike fossil fuels.  Sun rays are easily accessible and do not belong to anyone, you do not need to pay for extracting or processing them. 
  • Solar cells are completely silent when producing electricity.  It is a chemical reaction inside of solar cells.
  • Solar Power Energy is non-polluting.  No mechanical process required to generate energy from the sun.
  • Solar cells require little maintenance; there are no moving parts that need to be fixed over time.
  • Solar cells save us money.  If you calculate how much you will save by replacing your existing incandescent or florescent light bulbs with solar powered LED lights you will be amazed! Use our Solar Calculator HERE. Replacing just one 60-watt incandescent light can save us up to $35 a year!
  • Solar powered lights are easy to install and do not require external connection to public electric grid.  You do not need to hire a trained electrician to do the job for your solar lights installation.  Everything you need for installing solar lights is included in the light kit.  There are no messy wires under the ground connecting your walkway lights.
  • Solar cells last a very long time.  Commonly used solar cells' life span between 20 to 30 years.  This will be enough to save you thousands of dollars on energy.
  • Solar Energy is perfect for remote locations where there is no access to any other means of electricity.  Having an environmentally clean off-grid home, using alternative energy sources, can become anyone’s reality NOW.
  • Solar Power technology is improving constantly.  New solutions are constantly developing to make solar cells last longer and generate more electricity from a smaller solar cell surface.  The latest technology allows cells to generate electricity even on a cloudy day.  This means that countries and states at higher latitudes can benefit from solar power as much as mid- and lower-latitude regions of the planet.
  • Where purchasing solar panels may require substantial time and investment at the beginning, solar lights are one of the simplest and most affordable solutions for us today.  By taking small actions right now we can prevent condemning our future generation to global catastrophes!