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About Us

Your Solar Link was created out of our desire to be a part of the Green Movement and to become a reference point of green education for our clients.  We are a skilled team of design professionals with backgrounds in architecture and science.  We realize that the future holds great challenges for us as a society, and with our varied work experience, education and personal knowledge, we are fully capable to provide solutions to these challenges.

As a team, we have decided through research to bring the brightest and the best quality solar lights available on the market.  In addition to researching our products, we personally test them to assure with confidence that what we sell is a solution to lighting needs and aesthetic qualities.  We maintain a high level of communication between our manufacturers, customers and the general public through our website and Solar Blog.

We are not just a solar store.  Educating our customers on the latest innovations in solar industry and offering them the most affordable options are of great importance for us as a team, as we are committed to networking green ideas and solutions at large.  Your Solar Link works to provide one of the cheapest energy saving solutions for homeowners and ecology conscious people.  Collectively, by doing our small parts, we can slow down the global environmental challenges for the future of our children and for the future of our planet.

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- Your Solar Link Team -

Landscape Solar Lights

Landscape Solar Lights.  La Costa, CA.