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Sunflower Heliostat


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Our Sunflower Heliostats are currently on back order. They will be available again early 2016. Thank you for your patience.

The Sunflower Heliostat is THE heliostat to get! At an affordable price, it provides reflected sunlight to parts of your home or business that are normally in shaded conditions. The addition of natural light can be directed to these shaded areas with the heliostat and without the hassle of installing solar tubes in your ceiling. An added benefit is that you can easily move or remove the Heliostat when you do not need the direct light. Now you can't to that with a solar tube!

Integrated solar panels and an automated tracking system allow the Sunflower Heliostat to do all the work. Sunlight is tracked during the course of a day to direct reflected sunlight to a desired point in your home or office. It's that simple. The Sunflower Heliostat can be used to light rooms from points outside the home or business, add sunlight under patios to bath plants with sunlight (yes, it works) and even charge solar panels that are in the shade! The efficiency isn't as high as in direct sunlight, but the Heliostat will charge solar panels in the shade.  

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the optimal placement for Heliostats is on the north side of buildings (a great way to get sunlight into those spaces), and vice versa for our Southern Hemisphere friends.

Overseas orders, we can do it! Just contact us for shipping and quantities. We are here to get the world off the electric grid and onto sustainability.

All customers be sure to purchase the stand (unless you have the means to mount a Sunflower Heliostat) as they are sold separately.




Tracking System:

  • Dual Axis, Active Tracking. Sun Sensor. Computerized controller.

Reflection Capability:

  • 0.5 square meters or 760 square inches, about the surface area of a 42 inch HDTV screen. 50,000 lumens or 500 watts. Approximately 62 standard light bulbs.

Power Supply:

  • Fully powered by built in solar panels.


  • Mounts on a universal 1.75 inch NPT female thread or pipe. Easily portable when used with portable Sunflower stand. Strong, durable frame and support structures.


  • Onboard computer, motion servos & light sensors. Parts made up of aluminum, stainless steel, ABS, POM, and Nylon plastic. Polycarbonate dome covering protects controller, motor, and mechanism. 6 silver glass safety mirrors, vinyl backed reflecting panels.

Additional Components:

  • Assembly, installation, and operation manuals. Stand sold separately.


  • Plus or minus 80 degree Azimuth. For elevation limits, please contact us. For optimal tracking time, place the Sunflower facing SOUTH. Works facing EAST or WEST. Please contact us if you have a south facing application.

Temperature Range:

  • Optimal at: minus 20 degrees C to 50 degrees C, minus 4 degrees F to 112 degrees F.

Humidity Range:

  • Optimal under 0 to 100 percent relative humidity.


  • Tested and proven to be resilient to harsh weather conditions including: rain, snow, and hail. Wind tested at 50 mph.


  • 3 feet in diameter. 20 pounds.


  • Comes in a 30 inch x 14 inch x 10 inch eco-friendly box.

Warranty and Replacement:

  • Full 1 year manufacturer warranty. All parts are easily replaceable and available for replacement from manufacturer. Meets FCC and CE standards and regulations.

UPC: 854369004007

  • Model: W-HELIOSTAT
  • Shipping Weight: 25lbs
  • Sizes: 3 feet diameter