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Solar Lights Recycling


As we all know, a solar light, as with any electric light, has a certain life span.  The life span of an average solar light will depend on the conditions of its use and the quality of the product.  We feel that it is our obligation to recycle any used solar light sold by both our company and other solar light companies.  This effort stems from our commitment to reduce landfill waste produced by humans.

Green Waste

We are starting a NEW SOLAR LIGHT RECYCLING PROGRAM!  Our goal is to reuse all of the components of the solar light.  The process will be similar to one that is currently being utilized to recycle other electronic devices.  If it is determined that it is not practical to rebuild a light by our recycling partners, the unit will be harvested for reusable parts.  The balance of the structure, as well as totally failed components, will then be broken down to recover base materials such as plastic and metal.  These units will be disassembled manually to minimize damage to useable components and to allow for a cleaner material on the downstream processing.

Please contact us on where the closest facility is in relation to you so that you can send in your non-functioning and old solar lights for recycling.

NOTE: Every recycled product will be eligible for a FREE coupon toward your NEW Solar Light purchase!  Just scan a copy of your shipment receipt and e-mail it to us at:

Green Recycling