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Smart and Energy Efficient Ideas For Halloween Lighting.

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on October 16, 2014 in Solar News - Comments: No Comments »

Decorating your yard and house for one of the most anticipated holidays of the year is fun, but it also could lead to getting your electric bill from hell! However variety of the latest outdoor lighting products gives you smart choices in Halloween illumination.

1. String Lighting.

There is  vast selection in string lighting – something for every budget and any decorating idea. Once you’ve chosen the string lights that fit your theme, you can add them abundantly all around the exterior of your home. Contour porches, wrap trees and shrubs, suspend them around windows, string them through step railings – there’s truly no end to the spots that would benefit from string lighting.

You can even get solar string (rope) lights that will not affect your electric bill whatsoever! They’ll faithfully serve you year after year without draining your pocket. We are talking about new and improved solar string (rope) lights. They will collect energy from sun during the day and automatically light up your Halloween decor at night.  They can be used anywhere where conventional rope lights would go, or use them in some tricky places where you don’t have an electric outlet. Solar string lights can be also coiled up inside your carved pumpkins.

Solar string/rope lights can be used for your interior as well, just make sure your solar panel is close to a sunny source (window, etc.) They make quite a statement when used in tabletop centerpieces or a big vase wrapped around some branches in a room corner. The great thing about using them for inside decor is that you don’t have to keep them close to an electric outlet.

Solar String Lights.

Solar string and rope lights actually can be used all year around to light up some trees around your business or house,  your porch or your balcony/patio railing.

2. Illuminate Your Spider Web. Spot Lights.

Are you planning on creating a widespread spider web in your yard? Try to put a few spot lights on it after you’re finished. Spot lighting will add depth and interesting angles to it.

Use different intensity solar spot lights and forget your electric bill worries.

If you have a spider that is climbing over your house, spot light him. If you have a skeleton that is guarding your door way, put a spot light on him. Spot lights can help your Halloween theme tell its story and will draw your visitor’s eye to special areas of your Halloween display.

See our video below on how California resident creatively used a few solar spot lights to light up his Halloween Spider scene.

3. Hanging Lanterns.

Try to hang various lanterns all around your landscape. Differently shaped and colored lanterns placed here and there in your landscape will create an interesting mood for Halloween night.

Keeping in mind safety and creativity, you will be able to light up your habitat for Halloween in a spooky, yet safe and economical way.

Creative  lighting can produce so many feelings in all kind of situations. You can transform a boring, lifeless Halloween decoration into a creepy Halloween scene or make a Halloween party more enjoyable!

What is the true cost of outdoor lighting?

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on June 11, 2014 in Solar Gardening, Solar News - Comments: No Comments »

Ever wonder what is the true cost for lighting your garden and landscaping? There a several factors to consider:

1. The type of fixtures to be installed (this includes quality, brand name, etc.).
2. The amount of light required for your project.
3. The location of lights to be installed throughout your landscaping.
4. Your budget to get all of this done.
5. And this is important, what will it cost in the long run to maintain and operate the system?

There may be other factors, but these definitely top the list. A hidden “cost” of installing and operating a lighting system is that of the environment. In other words, if you choose to use grid-tied electricity, then you are at the mercy of your local utility company and what electricity generation methods they employ. You may opt to have your electricity be from renewable sources, which is a noble effort. However, people who choose to “get” their energy from renewables may be charged a higher rate than if they use the coal-based generation plants. Now that just doesn’t make any sense, does it?

With all of these points listed above, a viable, progressive and realistic solution is to go off grid with solar garden lights that are equipped to produce enough light for your project. Now, we are not talking about the run-of-the-mill solar lights you get at the big box stores. We’re talking about solar lights that are designed to produce lots of light and last throughout the night. From solar bollard lights to solar spot lights to solar security lights, options are available and ready to go. One thing to keep in mind is to not be afraid of the initial pricing for higher-end solar lights. By paying just a little more in the beginning, you will be saving more in the long run.  Costs do not end after installation when using grid-tied lights.  And for landscapes that are large and have many lights, this cost will show up every month on your electric bills. With solar lights, the savings start the second you install them.  Period.

Solar spot lights.

High output solar spot lights from Image courtesy of

Solar garden lights require no outside source to collect, store and deliver energy to their LED luminaires once night falls. We’ve heard that solar lights for the garden are unreliable and produce very little light, certainly not enough to illuminate your plants and landscaping. Well, that is true, to an extent. This is where the big box store lights have created a false sense of market availability. Their lights are designed to be inexpensive, have a fairly attractive housing and are accessible. What they don’t say is that their lights will use only 1, 2 or even 3 super bright LEDs. This is fine, but it is not going to give off the light you would expect with conventional, grid-tied lights. At, you will find lights that are suited for given situations. Some are designed for accent lighting, some are designed for walkway illumination and others are designed for larger area spot lighting and security lighting. In this progression, the amount of LEDs and battery capacity (number, type and rating) increase to give you the light that is reasonably expected from an exterior light.

To correlate solar lights with our points listed above, you could say that 1) options are available for types of fixtures for each application, 2) shop around for brighter lights, they are out there and are comparable in their output and foot-candle rating, 3) they can be placed just about anywhere in your garden/landscaping as they require no connection to the utility grid system, 4) they are affordable, because you buy the fixture, you install the fixture (no electrician or service to install lights around your home), and 5) there are no ongoing operational costs (you will need to replace the rechargeable battery every couple of years, but sells packs of 10 starting at $20 delivered, $2 a battery every 2 years is a pretty darn good operating cost). And let’s not forget the environmental cost of solar garden lights. Sure, every light fixture has impacts, even grid-tied lights. But once it is purchased, there are no ongoing demands from dirty energy companies. Last time we checked, the Sun is a pretty clean source of energy. :)

Solar bollard light.

360 degree high output solar bollard light. Image courtesy of

Now, keep in mind that what we are proposing here is that there are alternatives to conventional grid-tied lighting. Don’t be swayed by people saying that solar lights are unreliable or that they don’t produce enough light. As we mentioned above, buying from the big box stores is potentially going to give you a product that is short-lived and disappointing. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Your Solar Link tests their lights for longevity and output so you won’t have to. If you have any questions, just email them at to get some input before your purchase. They are there for you and want nothing more than a happy solar light customer.

Power on, solar friends!

Your Solar Link

Solar path lights.

Conical solar path lights. Image courtesy of

Halloween 2011 Highlights.

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on November 2, 2011 in Solar News - Comments: No Comments »

Check out new Halloween video from Your Solar Link.

For this Halloween project 3 solar spot lights were used along with 1 solar security light to showcase the giant spider.

Giant spider is made of chicken wire, plaster bandage strips pvc pipes and some spray paint. All the solar lights that were used for this project can be found at

Chameleons in Your Garden. Ordinary Garden Rocks or Solar Rock Lights?

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on July 14, 2010 in Solar News - Comments: No Comments »

Just like chameleons Stone Solar Lights completely camouflage with existing landscapes and look like any other ordinary garden rock.
Also known as Solar Rock Lights, they can be used to mark landscape hazards, such as steps or a large boulder that could be a hazard in the dark. They are a good alternative to cast light on shrubbery and low hedges, and to mark pathways.
These Solar Spot Lights are a suitable addition for rock gardens, xeriscape landscaping, or for anywhere that solar garden lights would fit into your garden. Models vary from a nice, light brownish green to standard gray colors for blending perfectly into your existing landscape design.

Stone Solar Lights
Stone Solar Spot Light with 4 LEDs.
Image by Your Solar Link.

At, we have 3 different sizes to choose from – they vary from small to large. These Stone Solar Lights have super bright LEDs for brighter light output.

Aside from being completely powered by the sun, they have no wiring and are fast and easy to install. With its flat base, each stone solar spot light can be placed it on the ground, giving you the option to move it to various locations as needed.
And because they are solar powered, they save money on your energy bills in the long run.

They come equipped with integrated solar panels that are durable in all weather conditions. An on/off switch is located at the base of each light, allowing you the option of saving battery charge for special occasions or during times when you wish to simply have the light off. When they are in the on position, an integrated photoresistor turns the lights on at sunset and off at sunrise.

Rock Solar Lights
Stone Solar Spot Light – Small.
Image by Your Solar Link.

You will be surprised by the amount of light that stone solar spot lights cast onto your garden. Just place your rock light where sunlight reaches in your exterior spaces, and the integrated solar panel will do the rest. Solar rock lights are capable to get light into areas of your garden where no electrical supply is available. They can give up to 10 hours of light when dark, depending on the amount of sunlight they receive during the day. The LED bulbs never burn out, and the rechargeable Nickel Cadmium AA battery is comes installed are ready to go right out of the box. They are water and corrosion resistant, as well as being completely safe to use around pets and children.

Rock Solar Light
Stone Solar Spot Light with 4 LEDs.
Image by Your Solar Link.

In this video below you can see how on a completely dark night, our small Stone Solar Light casts a sufficient amount of light on various plants in the garden.

You can check these and other solar lights at, where they are sold at reduced prices with no hidden charges and free shipping.

Rock Solar Lights
Stone Solar Spot Light – Small.
Image by Your Solar Link.

Solar Spot Lights – How Are You Dealing With a Power Outage?

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on July 10, 2010 in Latest Technology, Solar News - Comments: 1 Comment »

Solar spot lights like this one rely on energy from the sun to charge their batteries and provide light throughout the night. This means that there is no need to tap into the electrical grid for these lights to operate. The solar spot lights will work consistently, even if the whole neighborhood is dealing with a power outage.

Solar Spot Light
Plastic Solar Spot Light (4 Super Bright LEDs).
Image by Your Solar Link.

Solar spot lights efficiently use energy stored in the rechargeable batteries when it uses multiple LEDs. In this case, 4 ultra-bright LEDs provide bright and effective lighting.

These Ultra Bright Solar Spot Lights can be used to light up many different features of a landscape at night. You can create an interesting focus by putting light on an appealing tree or a flowerpot. Another practical application would be to increase visibility along the exterior walls of a home, driveway or a walkway.

Solar Spot Light
Plastic Solar Spot Light (4 Super Bright LEDs).
Image by Your Solar Link.

All solar spot light models are adjustable in their positioning. It could be directed up, down or forward, and at different angles around the post. All you have to do is to turn the wing-nut to secure its position.

Even on cloudy days your solar lights will charge, but it is always best to choose the sunniest location for your spotlight to get the most charge from the sun. Typically, the charge will last throughout the night. Your solar light will also turn on and off automatically every day.

Solar Spot Lights can also be used as a low voltage substitution to your existing outdoor lighting. At, you can check out our Solar Calculator for your energy bill savings when you decide to replace your existing electrical spot lights with solar spot lights.

In the video below you can see it in a night setting. The 4 LED bulbs create an effective and sufficient directional beam.

The more LEDs a solar light has (it can be as much as 6, 10 or more LEDs), the sooner the rechargeable batteries will get used up for the night. This means that you could get fewer hours of a more intense light. But for this particular solar spot light, a perfect balance is achieved. The design gives the brightest light output with the longest duration throughout the night. And its LED bulbs never burn out.

These solar spot lights is corrosion and water resistant, so it’s safe to leave outside during all weather conditions. Each light is 6.5 by 7 inches square and 18 inches tall. They also come equipped with 3 Nickel Cadmium AA batteries and are ready to go right out of the box.


Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger.
This stylish, sleek and reliable pocket size Universal Battery Charger (Juicebar Solar Charger) is proven to be your best friend in a situation when conventional electric supply is not available or if you are trying to use eco-friendly renewable power supplies.
Great as a solar phone charger for any type of Mobile Phones, IPhones, PSA, PDA, Mp3 Players, Satellite Navigation, and much more.
Get it HERE.

Solar Lights Savings

Solar Garden Lights

Stainless Steel Conical Solar Path Light (Set of 2).
Path solar lights are an excellent choice for lighting your garden paths, walkways, driveway perimeters and other regions in your landscape. They are often used in multiples to guide the way along a set of stairs or a dark walk.
Featured Stainless Steel Solar Light set uses 2 ultra-bright LEDs for maximum light output and minimum battery usage.
The lights are safe around kids and pets and water and corrosion resistant.
Read more HERE


Stone Solar Spot Lights (also known as Solar Rock Lights) completely camouflage with existing landscapes and look like any other rock in your garden.

Green Gardener Corner

Solar Fountain Pump System

How to start using ecologically friendly energy to power up your garden fountains and other garden water features?
Why not go with a solar powered water pump?
To accommodate your needs the Solar Fountain Pump Systems we carry range from 2 to 8 Watt. Browse our collection of solar water pumps for your fish ponds and solar fountains.
Enjoy your garden water features and your energy savings at the same time. Make a note of the various power levels and the flow rate of the solar water pumps before your purchase.
Please write us your review after your purchase. Your opinion is important to us!


Stone Cylinder Solar Path Lights (Set of 2).
See how easy it is to install a solar light. No wiring required!
In this particular case a ground fastener and a stake are included for quick and easy installation. Read more HERE



Solar accent lights (Set of 2) create an enjoyable and inviting glow for your landscape.
They are designed to mark a place.

Super High Output Spot Light

Solar Spot Light - $26.99
Super High Output Spot Light (4 Super Bright LEDs). Free Shipping!

Solar spot lights like this one rely on energy from the sun to charge their batteries and provide light throughout the night.
This means that there is no need to tap into the electrical grid for these lights to operate.
The solar spot lights will work consistently, even if the whole neighborhood is dealing with a power outage.
Learn more about Solar Spot Lights at, where we have a great selection of solar spot lights to choose from.

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