New Solar Energy Possibilities for Homes
Guest Contributor post by Matt J @ South Shore Roofing A renewable energy system can be used to supply some or all of your electricity needs, using new and eco-friendly technologies. There are many different systems and technologies for powering your house while being eco-friendly and saving energy. One of the most popular and efficient systems is solar electric system, which includes solar...
Full mAh capacity range of NiMH (the good chemistry) rechargeable batteries for Solar Lights are now available!
Solar lights for the home and garden come with pre-installed, pre-charged batteries from most (safe to say, all) manufacturers when you buy them online or directly at stores. What many people don't realize is that these rechargeable batteries will eventually run their course and lose all of their effective capacity after about 2 years of nightly use. These solar light batteries are almost always r...
CES 2016: Solar Powered Gadgets of the Future.
by Maria Juniper, Contributing Editor The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a prominent global electronics and technology focused trade show that takes place every year in Las Vegas. Held in January each year, it is known for introducing the latest technology trends and most innovative electronics. This year, solar energy was at the forefront with a huge variety of tech that uti...
Holiday Gift Guide: Solar Tech for your Home, Kids, and the Outdoors.
by Maria Juniper, Contributing Editor The gift that keeps on giving has never been greener, and the time to buy one for your friend or loved one is quickly approaching. This year for the holidays, instead of giving some trite piece of clothing or kitchen appliance, try looking for the perfect gifts for those eco-friendly friends who wants to help benefit the environment, or perhaps for a family...
The Benefits of Floatovoltaics.
by Maria Juniper, Contributing Editor Now that most governments, environmental organizations, scientists and even the Catholic Church have agreed on the need to combat climate change, innovative solutions are being sought in many quarters. The old ways of doing things simply won't cut it now that we're aware of the harmful effects of traditional means of power generation, such as the burning of...

A safe way to keep those toothy rodents from wreaking havoc in your Spring garden.

Posted By: Mario Villalobos on February 7, 2015 in Creative Solar, Funny News, Solar Gardening, Solar News - Comments: No Comments »

For some (and soon to be many), Spring is approaching, regardless of whether or not Punxsutawney Phil bites your ears in protest. With Spring comes beautiful gardens of fresh flowers and tasty foods. And we are not the only ones who find those foods tasty. Caterpillars, aphids, birds… the list goes on. But there’s that one fellow that seems to not only eat our food, but make a geological mess in the process. Yes, we’re talking about gophers.

Pocket gopher coming out of hole.

Up-close and personal with a pocket gopher. Image courtesy of LeonardoWeiss.

There are many ways to rid our gardens of our subterranean pals. Poisons, smoke, catastrophic floods and ensnaring traps are some of the active methods. But why not use passive pest management methods; therefore eliminating hazards to other critters in the garden that you don’t mind that much being there (you know, pets and kids)? Netting and underground wire fencing is a method. But at Your Solar Link, you can find the solar pest controller that emits sounds/vibrations in the ground, thus aiding in keeping gophers from coming close to the controller.

Solar pest controller at sunset.

Solar pest controller at sunset continues the process of gopher deterrence even after sunset. Image courtesy of

With pulses of vibrations lasting a few seconds, the solar pest controller is easy to install in gardens and lawns, helping to keep your flora from being attacked by the fauna below. And, it doesn’t harm them (plants or animals) in the process. The integrated solar panel at the top of each solar pest controller maintains the needed electricity generation to charge the rechargeable batteries. Therefore, not only do they work during the day, but will continue to operate during the evening. So, mr. gopher and his pals won’t have a break from the controller.

Solar pest controller in raised beds.

Solar pest controllers can be used anywhere the sun shines and soil permits. Image courtesy of

Get ready now for Spring and put the solar pest controller in your gardens before those ground dwellers set up shop. Maintain a healthy garden and flower beds with a simple and effective passive pest management method that doesn’t hurt anyone and is safe to use. Each solar pest controller covers an area of about 2800 square feet (30 foot effective radius for each controller), so they can be placed throughout your green spaces as needed.

Healthy and pest-free garden.

A healthy and pest-free garden, courtesy of the solar pest controller. Image courtesy of

Happy Gardening! Solar on!

Mario @ Your Solar Link

Gonzo approved.

Solar pest controllers are the way to go! Gonzo approved! Image courtesy of

Yeah, the holidays are a couple months away, but these little guys are just too cool to wait.

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on October 22, 2014 in Creative Solar, Funny News, Solar News - Comments: No Comments »

So, the holidays are like 2 months away, but who says you have to wait until then to add something to your home that can add a little cheer in the meantime? The Illuminated Holiday Friends (Snowman, Santa and Elf) are now at Your Solar Link and are ready for your fireplace mantle, coffee table and anywhere else they might find themselves to lift your spirits this holiday season. With so much these days about zombies this and walking dead that, maybe what we need are some light-hearted characters with pleasant personae and color-changing lights to make our homes pleasant and positive this holiday season.

Holiday friends trio.

Illuminated Holiday Friends (Snowman, Santa and Elf). Image courtesy of

The Trio comes with pre-installed Lithium batteries to keep their lights (at the end of their hats and through their torsos) going for 4 hours each day. There are even replacement batteries (one for each character) so that you will be sure to enjoy their pleasing color changing lights going through the season. LED lights that use little energy with Lithium batteries to store a good amount of charge, your Trio will be a hit with your friends and family. Get yours today at while they last!

Happy Holidays from Your Solar Link.


Mario @ Your Solar Link

American Solar Companies Most Likely Have Been Installing Solar Panels Facing The Wrong Way For Years.

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on October 13, 2014 in Funny News, Latest Technology, Solar News, World News - Comments: No Comments »

There’s a configuration to installing solar panels. The rules that are all pretty rigidly prescribed. There’s also a direction they face: South. However they might actually be facing the wrong way.

Photograph: Cultura/Rex.

By having them face south — which almost all the rooftop panels in the U.S. do — they’re in peak position to catch a face full of sun at both rise and set, thereby collecting the most total watts per day.

The problem is that, even if those are the peak time to gather solar energy, those are not the peak times to use energy. If we wanted to lower the total stress on the power grid, a better choice might be installing them to face west, which would result in more energy in the afternoon when energy usage is at its height.

At this point in most parts of the US, there is plenty of electricity available from other sources in the morning and midday. Crunch time is late afternoon, when temperatures are higher and air-conditioners are working hard, and inefficient plants running on natural gas or even coal are cranked up to the maximum. At  that point, the declining sun is hitting the solar panels at an oblique angle, reducing power output. “The needs of the grid may mean that they should be pointed west,” more toward the setting sun, said Mr. Tong , the vice president for strategy and government affairs at Clean Power Finance, an investment firm. That way, a bigger portion of their production would come at the hours when electricity was most needed. But their total production would be a bit lower, and that would hurt panel owners, at least under current rules.

Image: North American Solar Stores.

World’s first toilet house in Korea!

Posted By: Your Solar Link Team on January 1, 2010 in Funny News - Comments: 1 Comment »

Guests will be able to rent the pan-shaped house to raise money for the Korea Toilet Assocation.

Feeling flush? For only $50,000 (£24,000) you could spend a night in this toilet-shaped house in
South Korea.

toilet house

Sanitation activist Sim Jae Duck will unveil his $1.8m (£880,000) new home in Suwon,
Gyeonggi Province next month as part of his campaign for cleaner loos worldwide.

Billed as “the world’s one and only toilet house”, the steel and concrete building features
three deluxe bathrooms plus a showcase loo that produces a mist to protect users’ modesty.

Duck – who was born in a restroom – will open up his house to paying guests to raise money
for the Korea Toilet Association before moving in himself.

He has called his new dwelling “Haewoojae” or “a place where one can solve one’s worries” –
a Korean euphemism for toilet. Any better suggestion should be posted below.

By Olivia Boyd

toilet house

Read more HERE.


Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger.
This stylish, sleek and reliable pocket size Universal Battery Charger (Juicebar Solar Charger) is proven to be your best friend in a situation when conventional electric supply is not available or if you are trying to use eco-friendly renewable power supplies.
Great as a solar phone charger for any type of Mobile Phones, IPhones, PSA, PDA, Mp3 Players, Satellite Navigation, and much more.
Get it HERE.

Solar Lights Savings

Solar Garden Lights

Stainless Steel Conical Solar Path Light (Set of 2).
Path solar lights are an excellent choice for lighting your garden paths, walkways, driveway perimeters and other regions in your landscape. They are often used in multiples to guide the way along a set of stairs or a dark walk.
Featured Stainless Steel Solar Light set uses 2 ultra-bright LEDs for maximum light output and minimum battery usage.
The lights are safe around kids and pets and water and corrosion resistant.
Read more HERE


Stone Solar Spot Lights (also known as Solar Rock Lights) completely camouflage with existing landscapes and look like any other rock in your garden.

Green Gardener Corner

Solar Fountain Pump System

How to start using ecologically friendly energy to power up your garden fountains and other garden water features?
Why not go with a solar powered water pump?
To accommodate your needs the Solar Fountain Pump Systems we carry range from 2 to 8 Watt. Browse our collection of solar water pumps for your fish ponds and solar fountains.
Enjoy your garden water features and your energy savings at the same time. Make a note of the various power levels and the flow rate of the solar water pumps before your purchase.
Please write us your review after your purchase. Your opinion is important to us!


Stone Cylinder Solar Path Lights (Set of 2).
See how easy it is to install a solar light. No wiring required!
In this particular case a ground fastener and a stake are included for quick and easy installation. Read more HERE



Solar accent lights (Set of 2) create an enjoyable and inviting glow for your landscape.
They are designed to mark a place.

Super High Output Spot Light

Solar Spot Light - $26.99
Super High Output Spot Light (4 Super Bright LEDs). Free Shipping!

Solar spot lights like this one rely on energy from the sun to charge their batteries and provide light throughout the night.
This means that there is no need to tap into the electrical grid for these lights to operate.
The solar spot lights will work consistently, even if the whole neighborhood is dealing with a power outage.
Learn more about Solar Spot Lights at, where we have a great selection of solar spot lights to choose from.

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