New Solar Energy Possibilities for Homes
Guest Contributor post by Matt J @ South Shore Roofing A renewable energy system can be used to supply some or all of your electricity needs, using new and eco-friendly technologies. There are many different systems and technologies for powering your house while being eco-friendly and saving energy. One of the most popular and efficient systems is solar electric system, which includes solar...
Full mAh capacity range of NiMH (the good chemistry) rechargeable batteries for Solar Lights are now available!
Solar lights for the home and garden come with pre-installed, pre-charged batteries from most (safe to say, all) manufacturers when you buy them online or directly at stores. What many people don't realize is that these rechargeable batteries will eventually run their course and lose all of their effective capacity after about 2 years of nightly use. These solar light batteries are almost always r...
CES 2016: Solar Powered Gadgets of the Future.
by Maria Juniper, Contributing Editor The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a prominent global electronics and technology focused trade show that takes place every year in Las Vegas. Held in January each year, it is known for introducing the latest technology trends and most innovative electronics. This year, solar energy was at the forefront with a huge variety of tech that uti...
Holiday Gift Guide: Solar Tech for your Home, Kids, and the Outdoors.
by Maria Juniper, Contributing Editor The gift that keeps on giving has never been greener, and the time to buy one for your friend or loved one is quickly approaching. This year for the holidays, instead of giving some trite piece of clothing or kitchen appliance, try looking for the perfect gifts for those eco-friendly friends who wants to help benefit the environment, or perhaps for a family...
The Benefits of Floatovoltaics.
by Maria Juniper, Contributing Editor Now that most governments, environmental organizations, scientists and even the Catholic Church have agreed on the need to combat climate change, innovative solutions are being sought in many quarters. The old ways of doing things simply won't cut it now that we're aware of the harmful effects of traditional means of power generation, such as the burning of...

A festive and unique celebration this New Year’s Eve!

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Ring out the old year in fun fashion at a family-friendly New Year’s Eve party at the Theodore
Wirth Winter Recreation Area. The Wirth Winter Recreation Area is a perfect location for a
number of winter outdoor activities, including snowboarding, cross-country skiing and tubing
for kids and adults alike.


With plenty of snow and cold temperatures, the Wirth Winter Recreation Area is the perfect
place for outdoor winter fun. Free desserts, coffee, hot chocolate and cider will be available
at the Fireplace Room at Wirth Chalet, located at 1301 Theodore Wirth Parkway.

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Solar Energy Tower.

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This is THE solar project in South Eastern Australia. The massive tube will stand higher than
the Eiffel Tower and be surrounded by a wide skirt of glasshouse type structures. Heat from the
sun will be trapped on the underside of this skirt and its only way of escape would be up the
tower — past turbines which generated the power. Initially the plan was for a 1000m high
tower to create up to 200MW of electricity. But later the project was scaled back to 50MW
from 400 meters of tower. It will be ready in 2012.

Solar Tower in Australia

Solar Tower in Australia

Lower-Cost Solar Cells Printed Like Newspaper. Solar Cells Painted on Rooftops.

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Nanoparticle “inks” may soon replace the conventional solar panel systems we see on rooftops
and empty fields. University of Texas engineers hope to cut costs to 1/10th of the current manufacturing process for solar cells. The current solar cell production procedure makes it difficult
for the industry to break past the competition (fossil fuels). But with the efforts and advancements
in nanotechnology, the photovoltaic industry may soon enough find itself in the forefront of world energy production.

Researchers apply the nanoparticle “inks” as a spray on the solar cells.

© University of Texas at Austin.

World’s Biggest Solar Power Project is Online.

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The eastern state of Brandenburg, Germany, has something to offer the world in terms of solar
energy production. Lieberose, once a military training ground, is now home to the world’s largest
solar power project, consisting of 560,000 solar modules. As a result of the project, the area has
now been cleaned up without draining local financial resources.

By the end of the year, the project will be completely online, running off 700,000 solar modules
and producing an estimated 53 megawatts of electricity (enough to power 15,000 households.)
This may be a modest amount of energy compared to the 700 megawatts that a coal-fired plant produces, but the lack of emissions from the solar project outperform the end product compared
to its competition.

Germany's first solar-thermal project

In Jülich, near Cologne, Germany’s first solar-thermal project went online.
It can generate 1.5 megawatts of power.
© Ddp.

The world's second largest solar energy project

The world’s second largest solar energy project near Cottbus, in the eastern state
of Brandenburg.
© Dpa.
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German Scientists Invent Paper-Thin Batteries.

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The verdict is in, the world’s first printable batteries have been invented by a team of German scientists. The new batteries are less than one millimeter thick, can be produced in large
quantities at a fraction of conventional battery costs and weighs less than one gram. Applications range from integration into bank cards to items with a limited life span, such as greeting cards.

Production of the batteries is similar to silk-screen printing methods used for t-shirts and posters.
The battery, developed by a research team at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Electronic
Nano Systems (ENAS) in Chemnitz, Germany, contains no mercury; thus making it environmentally friendly. Each battery produces 1.5 volts, which is the normal range for conventional batteries.
Higher voltages can be reached by simply placing more batteries on top of each other, therefore increasing their application capabilities.

“Our goal is to be able to mass produce the batteries at a price of single digit cent range each,”
group manager at ENAS Dr. Andreas Willert says. The batteries are printed using a silk-screen
printing method similar to that used for t-shirts and posters. A kind of rubber lip presses the
printing paste through a screen onto the substrate. A template covers the areas that are not
to be printed on. Through this process it is possible to apply comparatively large quantities of
printing paste, and the individual layers are slightly thicker than a hair. Therefore, the battery is suitable for applications which have a limited life span or a limited power requirement,
for instance greeting cards. The researchers have already produced the batteries on
a laboratory scale. At the end of this year, the first products could possibly be finished.

The wafer-thin, mercury-free batteries could find uses ranging from credit cards to medical devices.

© Picture-Alliance/Dpa.
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Juicebar Pocket Solar Charger.
This stylish, sleek and reliable pocket size Universal Battery Charger (Juicebar Solar Charger) is proven to be your best friend in a situation when conventional electric supply is not available or if you are trying to use eco-friendly renewable power supplies.
Great as a solar phone charger for any type of Mobile Phones, IPhones, PSA, PDA, Mp3 Players, Satellite Navigation, and much more.
Get it HERE.

Solar Lights Savings

Solar Garden Lights

Stainless Steel Conical Solar Path Light (Set of 2).
Path solar lights are an excellent choice for lighting your garden paths, walkways, driveway perimeters and other regions in your landscape. They are often used in multiples to guide the way along a set of stairs or a dark walk.
Featured Stainless Steel Solar Light set uses 2 ultra-bright LEDs for maximum light output and minimum battery usage.
The lights are safe around kids and pets and water and corrosion resistant.
Read more HERE


Stone Solar Spot Lights (also known as Solar Rock Lights) completely camouflage with existing landscapes and look like any other rock in your garden.

Green Gardener Corner

Solar Fountain Pump System

How to start using ecologically friendly energy to power up your garden fountains and other garden water features?
Why not go with a solar powered water pump?
To accommodate your needs the Solar Fountain Pump Systems we carry range from 2 to 8 Watt. Browse our collection of solar water pumps for your fish ponds and solar fountains.
Enjoy your garden water features and your energy savings at the same time. Make a note of the various power levels and the flow rate of the solar water pumps before your purchase.
Please write us your review after your purchase. Your opinion is important to us!


Stone Cylinder Solar Path Lights (Set of 2).
See how easy it is to install a solar light. No wiring required!
In this particular case a ground fastener and a stake are included for quick and easy installation. Read more HERE



Solar accent lights (Set of 2) create an enjoyable and inviting glow for your landscape.
They are designed to mark a place.

Super High Output Spot Light

Solar Spot Light - $26.99
Super High Output Spot Light (4 Super Bright LEDs). Free Shipping!

Solar spot lights like this one rely on energy from the sun to charge their batteries and provide light throughout the night.
This means that there is no need to tap into the electrical grid for these lights to operate.
The solar spot lights will work consistently, even if the whole neighborhood is dealing with a power outage.
Learn more about Solar Spot Lights at, where we have a great selection of solar spot lights to choose from.

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